Sunday, April 25, 2010

Organizing and prep

Ok, so it looked like this...
I spent the weekend working on it and now it looks like this... So pretty, just looking at it makes me smile. "sigh" it's the little things you know.
I signed up to play along with a stitching project, 100 stitched squares to help me remember to count my blessings.  You could play along too if you want.  You'll find all the information about it here.  I'll be posting my progress as I go, my next step is to draw out my grid and get it stitched then... we'll see what comes after that.
I spent the weekend stamping and stitching and sewing.  I'm having a little trouble with my photo editor tonight so I hope to post more pics tomorrow.  It was a very productive weekend.  Doesn't it feel good to get things accomplished?  I hope your weekend was just what you needed it to be and you are feeling blessed, remember to write some of them down or stitch'em.  I'll talk to you again soon.

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