Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Altered T-Shirt

Take a plain t-shirt, this one was a crew neck that was just too high, you know the one, I always felt like it was choking me when I wore it.  I wear black a lot so I wanted to do something to make it more comfortable and still keep it versatile enough to wear under jackets and other pieces.  So I laid it out on my cutting board and got a plate, I used a clear glass plate so I could see the shirt underneath to get my placement right.
Once it looked about right, I cut the tee-shirt to create a new neckline.  I ironed the edge under about an inch to create a casing for the elastic then I sewed it leaving a small opening on the back side by one of the shoulders to add my elastic.  I threaded the elastic through and pinned it, tried it on and adjusted the gather and fit, sewed the ends of the elastic together and then sewed the opening closed.  Wha-La, a new/old tee.
It fits better and is much more comfortable and I am still able to wear it under and over other pieces.  Happy Wednesday, I'll talk to you again soon.

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