Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Flip

First week of school is now behind us.  Whew! it was busy, but so fun to see the excitement of the new kindergarteners and the apprehension of returning students, finding out who their teacher will be and which of their friends are in their class.  Visits to the library for their first book of the new school year.  Giving my "how we take care of our books" speech to almost 900 students. I'm glad it's Friday.  I just had time for a little doodling and playing with colored pencils this week.  I have several shape templates left over from my scrapbooking days so I decided to use them as a jumping off point for my drawings. I traced the big open shaped into my art journal and then drew in side their borders.  It was almost like making my own coloring book.

Once I finished the drawing I used my colored pencils and played with shading and blending.

It was fun and kind of relaxing to sit and color for no other reason than I wanted to.

I hope you get to do something that you want to do this weekend.  I hope it's great!  I'll talk to you again soon.

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