Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blogging again!

Whew! Now that the intensity of the end of the year has finally passed, I am once again gazing into the possibilities of summer break.  The frantic pace of the last 5 weeks now screeches to a crawl as I am determined to relax and breath for the next few weeks.  Yes, I did stamp and sew and craft the whole month of May but, for the most part, it was to finish a project to give away the next day.  So, not many pictures were taken.  I am hoping to get the creative flow going over the summer to stock pile a few things so I'm not under the time crunch I have been these past few weeks. 

I was able to snap some quick shots of these cute little recipe books I put together for my volunteers and EA.  This adorable paper is the Mayberry kit from Close to my heart.
There is a section for favorite recipes, pictures of friends and family.  I included a couple of favorite recipes that I had made for them during the past year and additional blank recipe cards for them to add other favorites.  I added pictures of all of us from different events during the year and then pictures I had taken of their children during the year were in the book under family.  There are extra pages in each section for them to continue adding to their books.

More to come as I slow down my pace and give the creative flow a chance to recharge a bit.  Thanks for stopping by, I'll talk to you again soon.

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