Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Flip

Welcome to the first Friday Flip post.  At least two Fridays a month I will post pictures and descriptions of some of my journal pages.  A couple of years ago I started adding more doodling and mark making in my journals and low and behold there is a name for that kind of activity... art journaling!  These are works in progress and if you keep an art journal you know they are never quite finished.  I have kept journals for a long time, mostly for writing down my thoughts and making lists of everything under the sun so the "art" part of it is a scary step for me.  Come along with me and hopefully see some improvement along the way!

I started off by making a journal using two pretty file folders.  I glued them together to make them a little sturdier then I grabbed some random bits of watercolor and mixed media papers and spiral bound them together using my Zutter bind-it-all.  I have a little watercolor kit that I used to play around on the page and I am always in search of a great permanent ink black pen.  Just like a magpie I collect little bits of things that catch my eye and they wind up taped or glued to the page as well.

Talk to you again soon.

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