Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why Blog?

I’ve asked myself that question many times lately.  My posting has been rather hit and miss, mostly miss over the last several months.  I initially started this little spot in the blogsphere as a way to share ideas and information with my stamping and scrapbooking friends and customers.  But, as my circumstances and focus changed my intentions shifted, I found that I was just floating along with no real direction.  Was I still creating? Yes.  Did anyone care? I’m not sure. 

As I sent my thoughts and ideas adrift over the cyber waves I would continue to ask myself the question, why am I doing this?  Slowly (it took some time) my thoughts began to settle into a small stream of consciousness that eventually wound its way into my brain and heart.  I came to realize, as so many others have shared in their own blogging experiences, that I am doing “this” to fulfill a personal need to share information and see my art/work from a different perspective.  This awareness  brought with it the understanding that I also blog to get a response.  Did something I create make someone smile? Or did it inspire someone to try their own creative venture?  I’m a teacher at heart after all.  Just like in the classroom I need a little spark from my students, am I getting through to them? Are they catching a glimpse of the possibilities, are they inspired to take a step, to believe, to feel passionate about something – anything?

So, my decision made, my vision clearer, I will continue on, because, well… I must.  Somewhere out there some one may need that little push, a nudge, some coaxing, to try; maybe I can help.

My promise to myself – to be a little more “hit” than “miss” this coming year.  We’ll see what happens.

Join me, won’t you?

I’ll talk to you again soon.

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