Monday, July 14, 2014

Mixed Media Monday

Surprise! It's another bird. For a couple of years I have been collecting ideas and watching videos trying to work up the courage to actually paint and draw on canvas like a real artist.  A few months ago I found some fun sized canvases (5x5)  in the dollar bins at my local big box store, they had pre-printed pictures on them kind of like a paint by number deal, without the numbers or the paints.

Anyway, I picked up a few of them because it didn't feel like a huge commitment if I painted over their designs.  I wouldn't be messing up anything and I could experiment with some of the ideas I had been collecting.  This joyful little bird is the result.

I was reading in the the book of John and found this verse that just seemed to go with him.  Which started me off on a whole other tangent. So this one canvas is turning into a collection of three based on three verses from John chapter 15.  I'll share the others as I finish them.  Until then, choose JOY.

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