Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day and a Count Down

Well, it's the last day of December, the last day of 2011 and the last day of my personal creative challenge.  This year has been an exciting time of creative projects and working out of my comfort zone.  Reflecting on the past year and all the projects I was able to work on and complete, I decided I would do a top ten post to end the year.  So here are some of my favorites and some of the most visited posts of this year...

No. 10
The gifts and packages I made for my mom & sister's and niece's

 annual birthday tea.

No. 9

A brunch I catered for some friends.  We had so much fun that day.

No. 8

A set of cards I made for a special Aunt. They actually got put in the mail to her (I won't tell you when)

No. 7

A card I did for a challenge. I still like this orange and blue combination.

No. 6
 Pinky and Dotty the owls, I found the instructions on the internet and wound up making several to give away.

No. 5
December's Valentine Bear.

No. 4
A card I made for a challenge that honors the famous NM question.

No. 3
Another challenge card that earned a spot in the top 10 on the Heart 2 Heart challenge blog.

No. 2
Polka dot love! This was for another challenge and actually won the top honor for the month.  As a result I got to be the guest designer on the Heart 2 Heart challenge blog.  It was quite a thrill!

And finally, the No. 1 
post for 2011, it was the most visited and I actually won something!
Well, there you have it!  My creative highlights of 2011.  I already have big plans for 2012, I hope you do too.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back often.  Have a safe, healthy and happy new year.  I'll talk to you again soon.

**Edit** Joined the link to top ten @ Someday Crafts.

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